Kelly Izzo 

Alice Unraveled
   at the New York Musical Theatre Festival was a wonderful experience!

A big thank you to the staff at NYMF, cast, crew and all who donated!
Without you this reading would not have been possible!

Alice Unraveled, The title song:

A few articles about the performance:



The Democrat & Chronicle

Check out our press kit to see cast photos and learn more about the show!Press_kit_Alice_Unraveled.pdf

The Story Behind Alice Unraveled

"Alice Unraveled is inspired by a true story of one of my closest friends who was sexually assaulted. Throughout high school I saw her struggling with post traumatic stress, depression and guilt. I saw how she was hurt by people who did not believe that the attack had taken place, or judged her saying that she must have led her attacker on. Events like this happen too frequently and are too often kept quiet. I wrote Alice Unraveled to promote awareness of these issues and give solace to those who have been harmed in this way. Hopefully its message is that healing and overcoming are possible." - Kelly Izzo   

Join the cause to support sexual assault victims:

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